The photos of our products are illustrative dealing with the work done by hand. Respecting the approximate sizes and aesthetics of the chosen product. Always substitute (in case of availability of some variety or flower color) flower of equal or better quality.

Remember to include a dedication and your signature if you wish. Otherwise your order will be sent anonymously. Our florist will not provide your information to other people.


Order deliveries are made in the morning or in the afternoon (to be agreed) in time bands and require a minimum of 3 hours from the receipt of the order (or confirmation of payment), for deliveries in the afternoon. Deliveries in the morning are coordinated the day before. Taking into account the distance and / or traffic congestion the delivery times can suffer alterations.

If an order requires a specific schedule, a cost will be added according to the delivery address.


Chocolates, balloons and teddies are only sent as additional to flowers, not sent alone.

Recipient's phone number

We try by all means give your gift with our greatest desire, in order to prevent your gift back to our local. For this purpose, we ask for a telephone number of the recipient on the delivery form.

Absence of the instructor

If on delivery of your order the recipient is not at your address, we will use our best judgment as to what action to take. If the place of delivery is safe, we could leave the flowers with a neighbor or building manager, otherwise we would communicate with the recipient to coordinate the delivery.

Delivery address

In the event that our florist considers that the delivery address is incomplete or wrong, you may contact the recipient to confirm the address, except that you have expressly requested not to do so.

In case you can not deliver your order, you will be advised to indicate what to do with your product, to coordinate a new delivery or to withdraw it by our local, taking into account that our products are perishable.

Special dates

For special dates like Spring Day, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, the time bands will be more extensive and no specific delivery times will be taken.